Maryland DECA | Join
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Who can be a DECA member?

Anyone with an interest in marketing, finance, hospitality, management or entrepreneurship should join DECA! Being a DECA member will put you a step ahead of the competition by giving you real-world practice and industry connections.

Who should join DECA?

All students who participate in DECA activities at the local, district, chartered association and/or international levels should pay chartered association and DECA Inc. dues. These activities include, but not limited to, conferences, meetings, competitive events, online challenges, and scholarship applications.

What are membership dues?

The annual dues to be a Maryland DECA member are $14. This is comprised of $8 DECA National Dues and $6 Maryland Dues. Please note that chapters have the ability to include additional chapter dues.

What is included in DECA membership?

In addition to an official membership card and pin, DECA members have exclusive access to all of the college and career preparation opportunities DECA provides. These include a subscription to the DECA Direct magazine, participation in DECA’s Competitive Events Program to demonstrate knowledge and earn recognition, opportunities to attend conferences, and much more.

What is the deadline for submitting DECA membership?

DECA membership is open year-round; however, DECA encourages all chapters to activate their chapter by submitting initial membership by November 15. This ensures that the chapter continues to receive communication, publications and services from DECA Inc. The deadline for members to be eligible to compete at the State Career Development Conference is January 31.

What is the minimum number of members needed on a roster?

The minimum chapter size is ten (10) student members and one (1) advisor. The only exception is in the case of a new or reactivated chapter, which has two years to obtain the minimum chapter size.

Who is an alumni member?

Alumni members are individuals who have graduated and wish to remain involved with the program by paying the appropriate DECA, Inc. and Maryland dues. Alumni members receive a pin and card, one-year subscription to DECA Direct and the value of supporting the organization.