Maryland DECA | State Officers
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State Officers


David Molot


David is a senior at Richard Montgomery High School. David got involved with DECA his freshman year and has loved it ever since. He further appreciates all the opportunities that the organization has given him, whether it be a leadership role or life-long friendships. He has competed in several sports and entertainments events, as well as the Independent Business Plan, and has competed at ICDC twice. Other than being involved with DECA, he spends his time playing soccer, reading, and listening to all kinds of music. He is really excited to be serving as your state president for this year and hopes that you feel free to reach out to him with any questions!


Daniel Aguilar

Executive Vice President

Daniel is a senior at Reservoir High School. After a teacher reached out and told him about DECA in his sophomore, he joined and instantly fell in love with the organization and all the skills it has provided him with. Thanks to DECA, Daniel has found a passion for entrepreneurship and finance which he now intends to pursue to study in college. Outside of DECA, Daniel finds himself involved in various soccer programs, non-profit organizations, and getting involved with the community around him. Serving as your Executive Vice President, Daniel is excited to help expand the passions of DECA and the unique aspirations of each member together.


Kate Hyde

Vice President of Public Relations

Kate Hyde is a senior at Reservoir High School. She got involved with DECA her sophomore year by running as Region 3 Vice President and loved the position throughout junior year. After this position she went on to run for Vice President of Public Relations. She loves every minute of it and is excited for States. Other than being involved with DECA, she plays soccer, runs track, and is involved in many other school clubs. She is excited to see all that Maryland DECA can become.


Ben Meron

Vice President of Chapter Development

Ben is a senior at Walt Whitman High School. He joined DECA freshman year, attended ICDC three times, and won an international medal. Outside of DECA, he plays guitar in Whitman’s Jazz Band, plays bass drum in Whitman’s Drumline, and jams with his friends. He is eager to work with new chapters, increase DECA’s membership, and help more students win awards at ICDC. Feel free to contact him if you would like him to help out your chapter.


Alex Velikanov

Region I Vice President

Alex is a senior at Winston Churchill High School. He’s been involved in DECA since starting freshman year with the Virtual Business Challenge. Beyond DECA, Alex enjoys playing the saxophone, wrestling and photography. As Region VP, Alex is enthusiastic to expand membership in Region 1, as well as support chapters with new and better resources. His inbox is open to anyone with any questions.


Alec Braverman

Region IV Vice President

Alec is a senior at Pikesville High School. He has been involved in DECA since the beginning of his sophomore year and has loved being a part of all that DECA has to offer. He greatly values all the skills that DECA has provided him with. Outside of DECA, Alec plays soccer and lacrosse as well as runs track. He also thoroughly enjoys music and plays in his school’s chamber orchestra. He’s very excited and honored to be serving as Maryland DECA’s Region IV Vice President and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in 2019.


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